代表取締役会長 三宅 正彦
代表取締役社長 上田谷 真一






 また、成長戦略の加速については、引き続きECやAIを始めとするデジタル投資を強化したことに加え、昨年12月にはストリートウェア市場で米国、欧州を中心に30か国でグローバルに展開している米国のHUF Holdings, LLCの持分90%を取得し子会社化しました。

 今年度は、EC売上高の伸長、売上総利益率の改善、HUF Holdings, LLCの子会社化、構造改革の効果などにより増収増益を計画し、引き続き収益基盤の強化と成長戦略の加速に注力してまいります。



Aiming for growth in sale and profit to achieve the highest operating income and ordinary income by strengthening earning base and acceleration of growth strategy.

We will report on the outline of business results for the seventh fiscal year, and future measures.

Our group has formulated a new medium-term management plan covering five years from the fiscal year ended February 2018 to 2022, And the seventh fiscal year (from March 1, 2017 to February 28, 2018) was 1st year of this plan. TSI Holdings has continued to establish enhancement of earning base and acceleration of growth strategy.

For enhancement of earning base,we increased to introduce the core system at our subsidiaries by degrees. And in addition to sharing data and preparing for optimization such as SCM,we have struggled with operational processes improvement and structural reform of low profitability companies.

And for acceleration of growth strategy, We embarked on digital investment such as E-Commerce and A.I..
In December 2017, we acquired a 90% stake in HUF, a commercial street wear company conducting business in 30 nations globally, mainly in the U.S. and Europe.

In this fiscal year, we compile a plan to increase sales and profit by revenue growth in E-Commerce, improvement of gross profit rate, acquisition of HUF Holdings, LLC and structural reform. And we will continue to aim for establishing enhancement of earning base and acceleration of growth strategy.

We look forward to the ongoing support of shareholders.

 MAY 2018